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TIGERS - A Brief History

The Tax Information Interchange Task Group of ANSI ASC X12 was formed in 1991, and initially worked with traditional EDI formats. The Task Group produced X12 standard Transaction Set 813, the generic EDI tax filing, which is still in use today in the Motor Fuel and Sales Tax areas. TIGERS began working with XML in December 2000, and issued its first production schema set in 2003.

The task group became "TIGERS" in December 1994, with the realization that technical standards were not enough - states and their partners needed guidance and assistance in turning the standards into actively supported electronic commerce programs. The group broadened its scope to include peer reviews of state technical implementations and mappings, guidance in technical infrastructure for e-commerce, and model documentation for the business rules enforced by the state programs.

As an X12 task group, TIGERS is open to any organization that wishes to participate in its work. All standards work must be approved by consensus vote of TIGERS membership. While membership in ANSI ASC X12 is not required to participate in TIGERS meetings, it is strongly encouraged. X12 membership includes free registration in X12 facilitated TIGERS face meetings and webinars, participation in the "Tools for Members" program providing leading XML development tools at no cost, and voting authorization on all official X12 standards.

TIGERS Contacts
State Co-Chair: Terry Garber (SC Department of Revenue) garbert@sctax.org
Industry Co-Chair: Rebecca McCaulley efilegirl@aol.com
Secretary: Donna Muccilli (retired, Arizona DOR) donna.muccilli@taxadmin.org
Sponsor/Program: Jonathan Lyon (FTA) jonathan.lyon@taxadmin.org
General Mailbox: statemef@rsimail.com

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