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The purpose of the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement is to simplify and modernize sales and use tax administration in the member states in order to substantially reduce the burden of tax compliance. The Agreement focuses on improving sales and use tax administration systems for all sellers and for all types of commerce through all of the following:

TIGERS has assisted the Streamlined Sales Tax program by developing standard XML schemas to implement both the central electronic registration system and the simplified electronic return and payment.

For the text of the Agreement, and more about Streamlined Sales Tax, please visit the official website at www.streamlinedsalestax.org. You may wish to start with the FAQ page found here.

Schema Sets
Special Notes SST2010V01
  • This is a substantial change in schemas. It is not backwards compatible. It is, however, much cleaner and easier to work with.
  • See Change Log for complete list of changes. The Change Log and the updated Minimal Error Messages are in a new Documents folder.
  • There are three uses of the new FinancialTransaction schema. It can be used with a SER for a payment with a return; it can be used in a filing, with SSTPFilingHeader but without a SER for a standalone payment from a seller; or it can be used with a group of SERs for a bulk payment. There is no separate Bulk Payment schema needed.
  • The bulk registration, CSP registration, and Information Report functionality have all been deleted from the schema set.
Special Notes SST2009V01
  • You MUST download the new SST2009V01 package as of 12/11/08. It has updates to the Acknowledgement schema and additions to the Minimal Error Messages.
  • Check the Change Log for a complete list of changes.
  • The SSTPFilingHeader for the SER and the corresponding DocumentAcknowledgement both allow a choice of SSTPID or state assigned ID, so that sellers not registered with SST can use the SER. However, it is not required for states to accept SERs from sellers who are not registered with SST.
  • The new StateTaxDueFoodDrug amount is not included in any other amount element - the sum of the tax amounts add up to TotalTaxDue. States that do not have a separate rate on food and/or drugs can require that StateTaxDueFoodDrug must equal zero.

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